Accessories (Air Compressor Accessories Parts)
24 hours automatic check and alarm system, no people request on spot. Man-machine conversation system is easy to operate for everybody.
Full Automatic Computer Control System

Start Button : to start the motor

Stop Button : to stop the motor

Setting Button : to confirm after modify parameter

Down Button : to choose small number when modify data or to be a select button when using menu.

Up Button : to choose large number when modify data or to be a select button when using menu.

Move/Confirm Button : to be a move button when modify data or to be a confirm button when using menu.

Return/Reset Button : as a return button when using menu or to be a reset button when compressor stop by malfunction.

  • Intelligent micro computer controller (PLC) can realize unmanned operating and automatically alarm function.
  • France imported A/C contactor, relay and quality devices ensures the system with high reliable control.
  • Imported solenoid valve is with high sensitivity, high reliability and longevity.
  • Main motor is supplied by domestic famous brand factories. F grade insulation. IP54 protection level.
  • Using SKF bearing from Sweden, the motor can work properly more than 50000 hours.

Electric device control system


Automatic micro computer control system runs stable and reliable

The system can switch off the power automatically to protect the compressor when serious malfunction occurred.
Oil Filter
Pressure Switch :

Using world famous brand pressure switch can make the compressor enter in energy saving status when pressure reaches low limit. The compressor can start loading when the pressure drops to low limit. And it can be unloading or stop when the pressure reaches high limit. It is table, reliable and longevity.
Pressure Switch
Oil Filter :

Choice oil filter provides high filtration rate to 5 micron so as to remove dust and impurity efficiently.
Advanced feature :

Phase missing Protection : switch off power supply automatically when one or two phase missing.
Phase  reverse Protection : the motor can not start if the phase sequence is wrong.
Overload Protection : switch off power supply automatically when motor overload.
Overheat Protection : switch off power supply automatically if discharge temperature exceeds the setting figure.
Unloading Protection : to save energy, the compressor can automatically stop after  10 minutes unloading.
Automatic Decrease Pressure : to reduce shock to the electricity net, the compressor will automatically start from unloading.
Intake Modulation : to save energy, it can modulate the intake air volume.Automatic Release : to avoid re-start with heavy load, the compressor stop after release.