If you want to have the most beneficial and optimal air system in your facility, an Air-marshal air receiver is the most essential to you. Air receiver is also known as compressed air tank and acts as a temporary storage for compressed air when the demand comes down in the industrial system. As demand peaks, the Air-marshal air receiver will be able to accommodate the demand and the compressed air system functions optimally. An air compressor installation without a storage tank will have longer loading and unloading cycles leading to wastage of electricity and operational inefficiency.

Smaller compressors can be mounted on air receivers and is very much suitable for facilities where there is shortage of space. Mounted compressors save on installation costs and you also do not have to invest in a standalone dryer.

Air Receiver

Air-marshal air receivers give you many benefits. Some of these are as follows:

  • Minimise fluctuations in air pressure demand
  • Helps cope with sudden increase in compressed air demand
  • Gives substantial energy savings
  • Maintains stable compressed air environment and ensures safety of products, processes and equipment