Screw compressor is a type of rotary compressor that compresses air by screw action. The most important component of the screw compressor is two screw-like rotating elements. The twin screw consists of male and female rotors that rotate in opposite directions while the volume between them, as well as between the screw and the casing, decreases.

Screw compressor or rotary screw compressor finds wide use in industrial units all across the country. We take immense pride in our high quality screw compressors that form one of our best-selling and most popular product offering. They are especially suitable if you need 100% continuous duty cycle with non-stop compressed air flow. Our quality screw compressors are long-lasting, durable and strong. Air-marshal screw compressors can be customised and adapted to your specific needs.

Screw Compressor


  • Textile and Clothing Industry   
  • Paper making and Printing
  • Petrochemical Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electrical Machinery
  • Light Industry and Food
  • Chemical Industry

Key Benefits:

  • Continuous duty cycle is possible because cooling takes place inside compressor
  • Routine maintenance is low cost
  • Rotary screw air end is the most expensive component and needs to be replaced only once in 10 years
Model No.Motor H.P.No.of PistonPiston Displacement ( CFM)Pressure PSI Receiver ( Litres )
GC- 050.51215045
GC- 1011.013.215070
GC- 1021.02415070
GC- 1511.514.515070
GC- 201216150135
GC- 2022.026.2150135
GC- 184 SS3.029150135
GC- 2853.0213.2100160
GC- 2945.0 / 7.5224.0 / 34.080200
GC- 3057.5 / 10.0236/4660240
GC- 57Sz12.0/15.0265.8 / 88.040300
GC- 65Sz15.0 / 20.0399.0 / 132.040500
GC- 65S2D30.0 / 40.03+3198.0 / 264.040750